One platform for all your events

With dozens of available components and extensive design flexibility, you can configure your app to suit your specific needs for individual events.

A web-based configuration and content management system that’s as easy to use as your smartphone. You control all the components and content of your app, so your attendees are always up to date and in the loop.


Create Unforgettable event experience

Your attendees expect rich and relevant content that helps them get maximum value from your event. That means you’ll need a great deal more than an agenda, schedules and a list of attendees. Give attendees all the interactive information they’ll ever need and that matters most, when they need it.

Boost Engagement. Connect Attendees. Delegate Networking

Give everyone at your event the right tools to find and connect with the right people and make your event a stunning success. Help attendees create connections that stimulate dialogue, inspire participation, and build lasting relationships with the interactive EventsMo Event app.


Easy to get started, Four Step Process


1 Request a Demo

Tell us about yourself and one of our product experts will demo a tailor-made event app just for you.

2 Talk Business

We offer several packages, each suited to different needs and budgets. Agree on the agreements.

3 Deep dive into work

We will work with your team to put the required resources, identify unique opportunities, and event marketing to the app.

4 Event app delivered

Event app enhances the event experience and generate maximum engagement for the attendees before, during and even after the event.

Event App to create meaningful experiences

EventsMo brings your event to life in the palm of the hand, delivering an engaging experience that will leave attendees fulfilled, fully connected, and eager to come back for more.

Multi-day Agenda

Save thousands of dollars by switching to a digital event schedule that can be updated on the fly, and ensure that your attendees are always in the right place at the right time.

Personalized schedules

Create a personalized schedule showing only the sessions and activities they want to attend. Sync with personal calendars for even more value.

Activity Feed

Keeping track of event buzz is easy with the Activity Feed. This component gathers the latest posts from attendees, Announcements, and Schedule in one convenient place. Attendees control which content they want to see in their personal feed.

Messaging (In-app chat)

To complement the public Announcements tool, messaging component allows for one-to-one or one-to-many communication of a more private nature. Messaging can be configured as either in-app or email.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are guaranteed to get through to your attendees—even if they don’t have the event app open. Beyond room changes or critical reminders, there’s nothing like receiving a great promotion on your mobile device while attending an event.


Ask your attendees a feedback right after the end of the session or/and at the end of the event when the love/hate is fresh. Measure & Learn from the instant/genuine feedbacks.

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Request an event app demo

Tell us about yourself and one of our product experts will demo a tailor-made event app just for you.