Creating unforgettable event experience.

From registration, event apps and powerful reporting EventsMo has everything
you need to engage your event attendees from start to finish.

Right platform for your event

Putting on an event is a major undertaking. Whether it’s a conference, an exhibition, or a festival, event planning and management involves months of planning, and dozens of individuals dedicated to successful execution.

We specialize in effective event promotion and event marketing strategy via EventsMo platform.

Fits every stage of your event Lifecycle

Our integrated platform brings together technology tools that cover the entire event lifecycle that has proven successful time and time again.

The objective is to create complete platform that enhances the event experience and generate maximum engagement for the attendees before, during and even after the event.

One platform for all your events

With dozens of available components and extensive design flexibility, you can configure your app to suit your specific needs for individual events. A web-based configuration and content management system that’s as easy to use as your smartphone.

What People Say

The comments below are just a sample of the 300 clients worldwide
who transformed their events with EventsMo.

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