May 15, 2018 Suman Gautam

Five points you need to consider before getting an event app

Offering an event app to your attendees can greatly leverage your event performance. Event apps provide a unique opportunity to provide attendees an interactive alternative to the program book. It helps sponsors to connect with attendees in a more direct way. Finding an ideal event app for your next event can be a great challenge, even for seasoned event planners. Deciding to get an event app can be an investment with many considerations such as cost, benefits, and effectiveness. So, to solve your queries, here are 5 points you should consider before getting an event app.

1. What are your priorities?


Your priorities are what defines your needs for getting an event app in the first place. Your event marketing platform should make your work easier and time and cost effective. Identifying your major pain points will help you pick solutions suitable to your problems.

Just list out your important priorities or weights of your main objectives. It will help you discover the features you might want to have in your potential event app. It will also make it easier to find apps that fit your criteria and fulfill your priorities. From this evaluation process, you will ensure everyone is in agreement and support of the final decision.

2. Think about the users

Your users are the ones that are going to use the app. Think about how and for what your team, sponsors, attendees, press etc will be using the app and thus customize accordingly. You will need to identify the varieties of users like Different users have different needs.

You may need to identify and prioritize certain users over others. Foer example, you might need to prioritize your sponsors and partners over your attendees while placing promotions in your apps. You may be happy with one app to meet everyone’s needs or you may be able to segment how different groups use and access the app, so this needs to be given some thought.

3. Is it budget friendly?

Budget Friendly

Financial priorities are very important and you should not overlook it at any cost. You might want to invest in an app while staying within the minimum usages of your valuable resources. Identify the amount you actually have available to spend on the event app.

Think of any contingency that is available and be realistic about the other resources which may be required, such as investment on the internet uses required for your event app to function. Have measurable objectives for your event and a clear plan of how using your event marketing software will help you execute your strategy.

It will help you reach your goals, and thus make a strong case for a more expensive platform that will help you prove your overall event ROI to your leadership or whoever controls your event budget.

4.Roles and Responsibilities.


The staff that has been identified to manage and input into the event app should be confirmed at this stage. To ensure that they are fully up to speed before a final decision is taken, it makes sense to involve them in the reviewing process.

Even if the app allows exhibitors and speakers to upload data directly themselves it is still likely to need some chasing to prompt people to submit. It will also help to identify early on who will be responsible for updates and queries on site at the live event.

5. Watch the Timescale


Timing is equally important in case of an event app. Draw out a map of the key milestones for the event. You can include data like when will the new updates will be coming or when you’ll be making announcements about your app. Keep this in mind while spending on your event app will help you get the right features on your app.

With the world going all digital and technical, it’s time for you to use these to your advantage. Using an event app can not only help you improve audience engagement but also help you keep track of your attendees thus saving your time and valuable resources.

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