May 25, 2018 Suman Gautam

Five useful tips on how to use social media for attendees growth

Social Media is changing the way of the businesses and markets. The growing number of its users has overwhelmed and thus drastically affected the way people interact and do businesses. More than 8 million people use Facebook and more than 3.2 million are twitter users. These numbers are more than enough for marketers to shift their business towards more social media focused approach. Naturally, it has become a competitive space for companies and event planners. So, here are 5 useful tips on how to use social media for attendees growth.

1.  Expand your reach

expand reach

Of all the internet users, 87.73% are Facebook users, 8.9% are youtube users, 0.73% are Twitter users, and 0.56% use LinkedIn. This figure is more than enough for you to integrate social media into your events. With these number of people viewing and following your content, you can easily expand your reach far and beyond. Here are some methods for you to  help expand your reach using social media:

 #UnquieHashTag is a simple way to increase reach and engagement. Tweets with hashtags receive twice more engagement. A memorable and catchy hashtag that relates to your audience encourages them to share it on social media profiles.

 stream Social Stream also guarantees high online engagement of attendees, which can be set up basically at every event. A social stream is a real-time online discussion about the specific topic. This will not only attract audiences but will also help you to reach new audiences through social media sharing.

  Go Live. Employing live, social media feeds that display real-time posts, tweets and hashtags will make your attendees more likely to share your event on their social media profiles. This leverages the excitement of individual attendee’s as they see their content rebroadcast to the entire event audience and even beyond that.

2. Render it mobile

render it mobile

Well, it’s the 21st century, so almost everybody has their nose on their phones. The majority of social media traffic takes place on mobile. Make sure your event is mobile optimized. A great way to do that is to get your event an event app.

A mobile event app can connect your attendees with your event in new, deeper ways with only a little extra effort. With the social media integrated into your event app, you can reach new groups of people thus expanding your business reach as well. People can easily view the event status on their social media platforms. And when they share it on their social media walls, it’s the best promotion you can ever get.

3. Sell tickets directly


You don’t just want people to find out about your event. You want them to buy tickets. Since you’re already promoting your event on social media, why not sell tickets directly on the same platform. This is entirely possible through Event apps social media integration.

When you publish your contents and events, just integrate an option for buying or booking the ticket for your event. This will not only provide convenience for your visitors but will also greatly improve your businesses. Giving your users to book tickets before the events greatly improve the chances of them ending up buying the tickets.

4. Manage and monitor your events faster

Social media platforms allow you to manage your events more easily. Through the engagement records and visitors data, you can optimize your event plans more effectively. Social media can help to promote your event by empowering others to spread the word for you.

By using a microblog such a Twitter, you can monitor the audience’s reaction to the event or speaker. Calculating your followers and attendees engagement, you can monitor how your event is performing and will make it easier for you to improve it further.

5. Target your ads to the right audiences

Targeting your ideal attendees becomes just easy with the use of social media. You can easily find the group of people that are interested in your events or services. For example, creating a page on facebook about your event or products will attract people solely interested in them. Creating or using a Twitter hashtag related to your event will make you stand out in the crowd.

After establishing a number of followings, you can now easily place your services or advertise your products to the only people who are interested in them and are more likely to buy them. By using social media, you can target your ads to the audience by filtering them with respect to any demographics, culture, age or interests.

Social media are a cheap way to get people to recognize your brand or company before they’re ready to buy. It is an evolving concept and you need to keep learning and adapt to new technologies. It is a powerful medium for content marketers and event planners to increase audience engagement, increase visitors, bring in customers and thus increase their overall ROI.

What’s better than Social media for your event marketing? An event app integrated with the powerful features of social media. A mobile event app can connect your attendees with your event in new, deeper ways with only a little extra effort.

Apart from just facilitating session-level engagement, it also helps to spark new interactions and direct attendees to important gatherings. Want to know more about event apps? Why not give it a try. At EventsMo we provide you with a free demo of your own awesome event app. Just give us a visit


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