May 20, 2018 Suman Gautam

Five Ways Event Apps Provide More Values For Your Events.

One of the proven key factor in making events more engaging, interactive and fun are Event Apps. It helps attendees feel more attached and connected to the event. Event apps help event planners get provable ROI out of their event. Event apps facilitate services like networking, marketing, and engagement and thus increase the potential of your event. Here are 5 ways event apps provide more values for your events.

1. Provide Convenience

Convenience using event apps

Your event attendees may have varieties of needs or demands and look up to you, an event manager to fulfill that. It is very inefficient if everytime they need something, they have to contact you. Event apps reduce this inconvenience by providing everything your attendees need in a single tool.

Event apps save attendees precious time spent in searching information by serving this information on their platter, ahead of time. Your event app can serve as a medium for you and your attendees to provide every information you want to convey.

2. Establish Networking


Events serve as an ideal place for people to establish networks. More than 90% of attendees come to the event to meet new people. Event apps provide that ideal environment for people to meet, communicate and establish networks.

Event apps provide information such as attendees list, event speakers, sponsors, social networking etc to the attendees. It makes it easy for your audience too increase their networking efforts through these in-app communication channels.

3. Elevate Engagement

audience engagement

As an event manager, your foremost priority is audience engagement at your events. 5 steps to increase audience engagement at your events. You can incorporate features like in-app gaming use event app as an audience engagement tool by incorporating features like in-app games, live-polls, and surveys. It will help event planners boost audience participation and thus increase engagement.

4. Marketing


Events are undoubtedly the new approach for effective promotion and branding for your products and services. Over 80% of marketers believe events can elevate their businesses. Your event apps are unique to your company, brand, and event.

A well-designed event app can be a self-contained and distraction-free promo tool. Event apps provide tools such as social media integration, push notification, Activity feed, promotion banners etc. It acts as communication channels for attendees before, during and after the event.

5. Brand Exposure


Your event app is a huge platform for promotion and advertisement. You can promote your brand and company within the app and reach a massive audience. Similarly, by offering organizations to promote them to your part of the audience, you can gain sponsorships.

You can place their promotional banners or logos on your app pages. Placing banner ads and pamphlets in the most engaging areas like charging stations and gaming stations at your event is another great way to promote sponsors.

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