June 7, 2018 Suman Gautam

Five ways events provide better ROI in your business

Establishing and building a concrete online impression on your audience, through various mediums is a basic part of any marketing journey. Though SEO, SMM, and other aspects of digital marketing are used, what now is emerging is actual ‘in-person interaction’. But how do we make our presence personal and yet reach out to a massive crowd while maintaining the similar ROI as that of those aspects of digital marketing? Well, the answer to your curiosity is “Events”. Events in a lot of ways let you interact with the crowd and definitely increase your ROI. Here are 5 ways events provide better ROI in your business.

1. Brand Exposure


Your event is a huge platform for promotion and advertisement. Events can be used to showcase your products and services. It can also be used as a place to announce or introduce your upcoming plans. This can help you get a real-time response from the audiences that are interested in you and your brand.

A plus point for you would be to incorporate your events into an event app. You can promote your brand and company within the app and reach a massive audience. Similarly, by offering organizations to promote them to your part of the audience, you can gain sponsorships. You can place their promotional banners or logos on your app pages. Placing banner ads and pamphlets in the most engaging areas like charging stations and gaming stations at your event is another great way to promote sponsors.

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2. Easy Marketing

Events are undoubtedly the new approach for effective promotion and branding for your products and services. Over 80% of marketers believe events can elevate their businesses. Your event apps are unique to your company, brand, and event.

Apart from just your regular events, a well-designed event app can be a self-contained and distraction-free promo tool. Event apps provide tools such as social media integration, push notification, Activity feed, promotion banners etc. It acts as communication channels for attendees before, during and after the event.

3. Provides Value


Before you sell anything, you first need to provide value to your customers. Events provide a great place for your target customers to visit and interact with your business directly. You can present and provide the services or products to your customers before they go in for a big purchase. It will help build trust between you and your customers and thus deliver more value. And, when people find the value of their interest, they are more likely to turn into your customer and thus profit your business. Read Here: 5 ways event apps provide more value to your events.

4. Maintains Consistency


Apart from providing a face to face experience with your target audience, events also allow you to maintain consistency across the board. Events provide similar if not the better experience that your audiences have with your online presence. Using an event app you can provide the same and even improved services available on your websites. You can also track real-time data on how your company is doing among the people. Using the data you can improve your performances and also plan for improvements.

5. Provides Sponsorships


Events attract audiences and thus the companies whose target customer coincide with or are similar to yours. Reach out to the sponsors and tell them why your event is a great platform for them. How can they acquire a new audience base and showcase their product or advertise their services? Tell them about a plan on how your event can profit them in relation to that product launch or another major happening. Getting sponsors can not only help you financially but also help you establish networks and work-relationships. Read Here: secrets to getting sponsors for your next event.

Organizing an event takes proper planning, dedication and a lot of efforts. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced organizer, everyone needs to have an event strategy or plan. We’ve gathered some tips and key points to help you rock your event as a first-timer. Read Here: 5 tips to help you rock your event as a first-timer.

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