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4 reasons why you should incorporate Chatbots in your next event?

Chatbots are a huge trend, there’s no doubt about it. Big name brands are jumping at the opportunity to meet their customers where they’re already spending time — in messaging apps. That’s why we are seeing a massive number of bots appearing in various different industries, from e-commerce and fashion to more conservative sectors like banking. The use of messaging apps continues to surge. Companies are building their own chatbots, leveraging AI for their domain of knowledge and ability to personalize conversations. Developers are starting to leverage advanced machine learning technologies. Bots are becoming more intelligent and capable of interacting with users in more contextually relevant ways. If these are not enough to convince you, here are 4 reasons why you should incorporate chatbots in your next event. Read more

4 ways to use videos to promote your next event

The popularity of videos is growing among the internet users. From sharing your emotions to promoting your business, videos have become an effective tool for marketing. Videos have far more impact than the printed word or images. And with new growing technology, it’s easier and cheaper to produce high-quality videos. Yet, videos continue to be under-utilized by event industry professionals. Event planners supercharge their event marketing through the strategic use of videos. Here are 4 ways to use video to promote your next event. Read more

How to improve networking and matchmaking within your event apps

Communicating and networking is an integral part of an event. Getting to know people is critical to enjoyment and engagement at your event. So if you work hard at improving the number of worthwhile connections, people make it is likely to have a positive effect on event feedback. Event apps remove clients and event planners from making introductions but still facilitate the process to the networkers. So, here are some ways on how to improve networking and matchmaking within your event apps. Read more

Top 3 Event App Rookie Mistakes That Event Planners Make

There are millions of moving parts and gears in an event. Thus, planning an event is extremely time-consuming and stressful. And, the pressure to ensure the things go the right way during the event day is even huge. Because of this, sometimes the last thing on a meeting and event planner’s mind is event apps. Despite a generally-amazing attention to detail, many event planners make some common mistakes when providing an event app for their attendees. Here is a short list of top 3 event app rookie mistakes that event planners make. Read more

How to Know if you Need an Event Management Platform

Events play an important role in bringing in the targeted customers, expanding a business reach and improving networking. Thus, it is quite important for a business to properly manage those events. Event management is a responsible yet tedious task and thus it is quite common to seek the aid of some tools to do your task. An event management platform provides all those necessary tools required to plan and execute your events. But spending your precious resources on an Event Management platform might be a bit risky and or of little importance for your business. So, here are some points that you can note to know if you really need an Event Management Platform like EventsMo.

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How To Increase Pre-Event Attendee Engagement

You can have the best event app of all time, but it’ll tend to useless if no one uses it. Event apps can deliver much more than just what it does during the event. If used effectively, your event app can bring in a lot more attendees and visitors to your events. “The early bird catches the worm”. So, having your targeted customers engage in pre-event activities not only increases the chances of bringing in more attendees but also increases the chances of obtaining a far better ROI from the event. Leading up to your event, you have a limited number of options to communicate with your attendees before it feels like you’re spamming their inboxes with redundant content. So, here are 3 effective ways to increase pre-event attendee engagement.

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4 Ways You Can Benefit From An Activity Feed

An activity feed is the digital voice of your event. It is the central hub for all-things or activity that are carried out at your events. Activity feed shows up sudden schedule changes, venue information, breakout sessions, after party, social posts, user-generated content (such as photos) and more of such information.

You can greatly improve your attendee experience by having an activity feed on your event app. Below are 4 ways you can benefit from an event app activity feed:

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How does EventsMo help your events yield better result?

Establishing and building a concrete online impression on your audience, through various mediums is a basic part of any marketing journey. But how do we make our presence personal and yet reach out to a massive crowd while maintaining the similar ROI as that of those aspects of digital marketing? Well, the answer to your curiosity is “Events”. The whole objective of organizing an event is to have attendees and participants to get them closer to the objective of the event and motivate them the take curtain call of action.  Events in a lot of ways let you interact with the crowd and definitely increase your ROI. Here are 4 ways EventsMo event app helps your events achieve better results.

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Why EventsMo is the best event app provider for you?

From commerce to communication, including event trends, all have started using mobile technologies in their businesses. Mobile technology has become an integral part of the marketing trends. 88% of people searching for a business on a mobile phone will contact that business within 24 hours. And for every eight minutes, users spend on smartphones, seven of those minutes are spent in apps (Smaato). These stats provide enough reasons for you to take your business to the most popular platform. Read more

Five ways to get your attendees to use your event app

So, you’ve done a great effort and spent your valuable resources on getting yourself an event app. But, what would be the use if no one uses it?  One of the major roadblocks that conference managers face is ensuring app installation and its use in their events. An event app undoubtedly can elevate and aid your events and profit your business. But this is only for the case that they are actually used by your attendees. Therefore, I’ve prepared 5 ways to get your attendees to use your event app. Read more