4 reasons why you should incorporate Chatbots in your next event?

4 reasons why you should incorporate Chatbots in your next event?

Chatbots are a huge trend, there’s no doubt about it. Big name brands are jumping at the opportunity to meet their customers where they’re already spending time — in messaging apps. That’s why we are seeing a massive number of bots appearing in various different industries, from e-commerce and fashion to more conservative sectors like banking. The use of messaging apps continues to surge. Companies are building their own chatbots, leveraging AI for their domain of knowledge and ability to personalize conversations. Developers are starting to leverage advanced machine learning technologies. Bots are becoming more intelligent and capable of interacting with users in more contextually relevant ways. If these are not enough to convince you, here are 4 reasons why you should incorporate chatbots in your next event.

1. Answering Questions

chatbots answer questions

Your attendees are the one who will be doing most of the activities in your event. And they’ll have questions, a lot of them. They’ll want to know things like, how to get to the venue and what’s the wifi password. They’ll have questions about when a certain talk begins, and more.

Unlike traditional channels such as email and phone, chatbot is a much more scalable solution. While being friendly and easy to use, it can provide immediate answers to hundreds of attendees at once. An AI-enabled chatbot can act as an assistant to answer attendee’s questions.


2. Providing on-demand agenda

chatbots provide on-demand agenda

An event bot can deliver all the agenda info your participants need. Chatbots can be used to provide information including sessions schedule, talk abstracts, and speaker profiles directly from their favorite messaging app. Unlike emails, messages sent by chatbots are most likely to be seen and responded to.


3. Delivering notifications

chatbots deliver notification

Chatbots definitely are effective if you want to send notifications to your attendees. Chatbots make push notifications more interactive and user-friendly. You can use a chatbot to inform attendees about sudden changes in schedule, speaker cancellations, or room switches. It’s also great for sending scheduled, personal reminders e.g. when the session an attendee favorited is starting. And you can also let users respond to your push notifications in real-time and direct them through the bot to the right pages and links.


4. Gathering attendee feedback

chatbots gather attendee feedback

Smart event chatbots typically have different attendee feedback functionalities, such as Live Polls and ratings. Your chatbot can ask attendees to rate sessions and speakers, or launch polls on relevant topics. You can gather valuable information such as products your attendee is interested in, speakers they like, sponsors they follow etc. Through such feedbacks, you can provide more focused recommendations to your users.

It’s definitely clear that chatbots are becoming a powerful event tool. Proper use of the chatbots can ensure the growth of your business. An event app that has a chatbot incorporated can deliver even more impact on your events and overall business. It not only works as an information providing platform but also becomes a promoting and attracting platform too. Contact EventsMo to know more about how you can get your own unique event app with fully customizable functions.