Five ways to get your attendees to use your event app

Five ways to get your attendees to use your event app

So, you’ve done a great effort and spent your valuable resources on getting yourself an event app. But, what would be the use if no one uses it?  One of the major roadblocks that conference managers face is ensuring app installation and its use in their events. An event app undoubtedly can elevate and aid your events and profit your business. But this is only for the case that they are actually used by your attendees. Therefore, I’ve prepared 5 ways to get your attendees to use your event app.

1. Find out what’s stopping them

finding problem

First thing’s first. You need to identify the main cause of what’s stopping the attendees from using your apps. After all, when you identify the problem, you’ve already solved half of it. it because they don’t know about it? Is it because the app is not flexible? or is it because it is less interesting? Whatever the case may be, you must find it out and then proceed to solve it as quick as possible. You can also hire a QA to test out your systems and find any problems in your app.


2. Tell them about your app

tell about your app

Well, how can they use your app, if they don’t even know about it? The easiest way to get your attendees to use your app is to inform them about it. Inform them that all the important information about the conference will be on the app, schedules, sessions, speaker bios, venue information, location, and transport. Tell them that all important event announcements will be done inside the app on the day.

You can email or message them about your awesome event app. Ensure that you include the info, features, and benefits of the app in your email newsletters and other event communication. Get your sponsors and speakers to mention about the apps in their social feeds. You can also highlight your event app on social media platforms.


3. Provide incentives


You need to provide incentives to your attendees for downloading and using your event app. It could be early access to speakers and presentations, discount offers on products, limited seat bookings and offers like early bird access to the users. This will help create interests and encourage attendees to use your app even before the event starts. By providing other features like live polling, Q/A sessions, etc. you can get your attendees to use your event app during and after the events.


4. Create a sense of urgency

sense of urgency

There are so many apps on the market, but you only use those that are beneficial to you or only those that you need. Similar is the case with the event apps. If your attendees don’t feel the need of using your app, they won’t even bother checking them out. So, you need to create a sense of urgency and a sense of missing out if they don’t use the app.

You can also use the FoMo effect to make attendees use your app. For that, you need to make sure your sponsors, speakers, and panellists are using your app and sharing them on their social media walls. This will automatically make their followers too to check out and use your app.


5. Add more event functions

To make your app more useful and entice interest in your attendees, you need to incorporate many features. Features like registration, payment management, card scanner etc.  can be included in the app. You can also ask your users about what kind of features they’d like to have in the app. This will make it easier for them to access all kinds of features in a single app instead of moving between multiple apps. Another good idea is to collaborate with local business and support services like taxi, hotels, food services etc. for discounts and provide access to them through the event app.

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