How does EventsMo help your events yield better result?

How does EventsMo help your events yield better result?

Establishing and building a concrete online impression on your audience, through various mediums is a basic part of any marketing journey. But how do we make our presence personal and yet reach out to a massive crowd while maintaining the similar ROI as that of those aspects of digital marketing? Well, the answer to your curiosity is “Events”. The whole objective of organizing an event is to have attendees and participants to get them closer to the objective of the event and motivate them the take curtain call of action.  Events in a lot of ways let you interact with the crowd and definitely increase your ROI. Here are 4 ways EventsMo event app helps your events achieve better results.


1. By personalizing your Events


With EventsMo event app, you can personalize your events as per your requirement. With the features for creating a customized contact list of your own, you can easily track the attendee numbers, sponsors, speakers and other important contacts for your events.

By creating an individual attendee schedule you can focus on targeting individual attendee and provide them support or services. EventsMo allows you to sync your schedules and contacts with native calendar and address book. Furthermore, you can deploy all these features in 2 languages.


2. Smooth and Easy Communication

EventsMo easy communication

Communication is a vital process, without which, no event can reach its target and meet its goal. Thus, smooth communication between event planners, sponsors, partners and customers is very crucial. EventsMo event app provides your event with all the necessary features to facilitate the communication process between your attendees, organizer, speakers, and sponsors. With the messaging feature incorporated into the app, your attendees can communicate and share information easily about the events.


3. Improve the way of interaction


Given that interaction plays a major role in determining the overall success of your events, it’s quite important for your attendees and organizing team to have effective interaction with each other. While focusing on achieving success, it is a must to improve interaction by involving delegates throughout the event experience.

Various in-app features such as Gamification, live polls, surveys etc have been incorporated and dedicated to improving interaction. Similarly, with other features like Q&A during sessions, you can provide your attendees with digital or otherwise anonymous methods to share their ideas. It helps give all a voice and creates a sense of community.


4. Measure your event progress


It’s not the number of tickets you sell, but the attendees you satisfy that determines your event success. But how would you know if your event was successful or not? It’s just one of the barometers to evaluate the success of your event. You need to have some way of gauging the success of your event to make the next one even better.

EventsMo event app has all the features that allow you to monitor your app usages. You can also obtain info like, who is using your app, and how they are spending their time. With the monitoring features, you’ll be able to identify the most popular sessions, speakers, and contents. You can also track activity by component and follow social networking activity. You can also view advertising and monetization performance and much more.