How to improve networking and matchmaking within your event apps

How to improve networking and matchmaking within your event apps

Communicating and networking is an integral part of an event. Getting to know people is critical to enjoyment and engagement at your event. So if you work hard at improving the number of worthwhile connections, people make it is likely to have a positive effect on event feedback. Event apps remove clients and event planners from making introductions but still facilitate the process to the networkers. So, here are some ways on how to improve networking and matchmaking within your event apps.


1. Suggest users

suggest users


Your app users might not even know about the matchmaking features within your app. You need to notify them of those features. Then you can suggest them whom to follow or connect to. You can suggest the users about new users, popular posts or speakers and promote networking. Give attendees access to the matchmaking app early so they can start preparing for the event and identify who to meet in person onsite.


2. Matchmaking for interested users

Event Sponsors

Event Sponsors


Now, networking is important, but not everyone that attends your events might be interested in networking. Event matchmaking doesn’t work very well with uninterested parties, so give people an option as to whether they want to participate or not. Giving the option to choose can benefit both the sponsors and the attendees.


3. Matchmaking based on the interests

same interest

It’s easy to use matchmaking for attendees who are seeking specific services or interests. And at the same time, it’s equally important to find out from your exhibitors and sponsors as to who is their ideal client. The more you can narrow down the interests on both sides, the better match you can make. Having known the interests of users, it will be quite easy for you to suggest to them the products too.


4. In-app messaging

in-app messaging

Another way to enhance networking in your event is to incorporate in-app messaging feature.  Giving users easy access to contacting the people they’re meeting with is a much more pleasant experience than trying to fish through a swag bag of business cards. It will not only help answer their question but also increase engagement too.


5. Send notification


People nowadays spend most of their time looking at their phone. So a notification about the event and interest will generate curiosity. A notification about someone liking their post will definitely entice their interest.  Most event matchmaking tech can send out automated invitations to attendees and exhibitors whose needs and business desires match. This automation makes things easier and keeps everything in a central location while increasing the overall engagement.

Before your event, attendees are excited about it and often have more time than they will once they are there. You can use this time to interest them by employing matchmaking technology. Allow interested attendees and exhibitors to make connections before they’re “on campus.” This helps them to get to know one another better and ask any questions and specifics they have while they’re still at the office and not in the moment of the live event. Visit EventsMo to know more about h0w you can get your own unique event app.