How To Increase Pre-Event Attendee Engagement

How To Increase Pre-Event Attendee Engagement

You can have the best event app of all time, but it’ll tend to useless if no one uses it. Event apps can deliver much more than just what it does during the event. If used effectively, your event app can bring in a lot more attendees and visitors to your events. “The early bird catches the worm”. So, having your targeted customers engage in pre-event activities not only increases the chances of bringing in more attendees but also increases the chances of obtaining a far better ROI from the event. Leading up to your event, you have a limited number of options to communicate with your attendees before it feels like you’re spamming their inboxes with redundant content. So, here are 3 effective ways to increase pre-event attendee engagement.


1. Take advantage of the registration confirmation email

email confirmation

One of the greatest opportunities you have to communicate with your attendees is before your event starts. And the confirmation email you send after your guests register for your event is a low-hanging fruit. The confirmation email can be used as a carrier to inform your guests about your event app. Other than that, you can educate your attendees about what the event app can do for them. You can also emphasize how integral the event app will be to having the best experience.

The confirmation email is also a great time to provide attendees with instructions on how to access and download your app, create or edit their profiles, and if you’re adding gamification to your event experience, you can even add a game challenge that encourages them to download the event app to collect points.


2. Release Event Content Bit by Bit

bit by bit content

Releasing just a bit of information and sneak peeks in order to create anticipation of the main event is a great way to keep your audience captivated and interested. It reinforces that the event is worth the wait and keeps them excited. Get your attendees buzzing about your event. It gets them excited to line up on opening day to get their registration, grab their seats, and settle in for a great event.

You can take advantage of being able to hide modules in the app, and revealing them periodically in line with your promotional strategy. This can be the best way to release content in your event app for pre-event attendee engagement. The event app can also serve as the place where the attendee list is available, allowing attendees to plan out who they want to network with at your event.

For example, you can keep your list of keynote speakers a secret, and reveal them each a month apart. Then, plan an in-app alert to let your attendees know that they can check the app to see the latest addition to the roster.


3. Make the Content Reveal Exclusive

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Now, you might be thinking – “I also want to put my keynote speakers on my website for marketing purposes, can’t people just check that out?” and you’re right.

It’s true that people can check out your website for some of that information, which is great. It can also act as an additional promotional channel. My advice is to use the event app as a way to enhance this experience for your attendees. It’s an additional touchpoint for you to emphasize the value of your event. It can be a place to access exclusive or advance content or information about the event.