How to Know if you Need an Event Management Platform

How to Know if you Need an Event Management Platform

Events play an important role in bringing in the targeted customers, expanding a business reach and improving networking. Thus, it is quite important for a business to properly manage those events. Event management is a responsible yet tedious task and thus it is quite common to seek the aid of some tools to do your task. An event management platform provides all those necessary tools required to plan and execute your events. But spending your precious resources on an Event Management platform might be a bit risky and or of little importance for your business. So, here are some points that you can note to know if you really need an Event Management Platform like EventsMo.


1. You’re using separate technologies

pieces of tech

The first sign that you seriously need to use an event management tool is that you’re using separate event technologies for your events. If you’re using separate pieces of techs before, during and after the event, then you better switch to a better tool that can do ’em all. Spending your time and resources in separate techs is quite expensive an inefficient. Instead, getting a single event management platform that can handle all your issues is a more effective way to handle an event. EventsMo event app helps you handle all those tasks that deal with the before, during and after’s of the event happenings.


2. You have more than one management team

different teams

This is another point to look at to determine if you need an event management platform. If you have different teams (e.g. IT, Marketing) handling different task because you have different tools, then you should consider upgrading to a better tool. Event Management Platform eases the task by eliminating the issue of having different teams dedicated to separate tasks. EventsMo event apps can be used as a single tool that can provide the tech part of your event while handling the management concurrently.


3. Your event software tools are not integrated

event softwares

So, you already have pre-existing event software tools and they are working pretty fine but are not integrated together. Integrating your event software you’ll be able to elevate production and produce integrated results. It’ll help you analyze results more accurately and compare them. You can generate demand and leads, build better relationships with prospects and customers, and drive sales value through more complete audience profiles, more conversions, and acceleration of the sales cycle.


4. You have to present multiple analytics from different tools

Just as mentioned above, an Event Management Platform integrates all your other software and tools. Using that you can generate multiple analytics from different tools. Moreover, you can even create your own event reporting from separate data sources to show ROI and measure success against your event goals.


5. Learning and configuring is hectic for you

learning is hectic

You and/or your technical team struggle to learn and configure all of the event tools you’re using to engage attendees. An Event Management Platform integrates all your event tools into one common place. Thus it eliminates the problem of learning every new piece of tool. EventsMo event apps provide you with everything necessary built-in. And because everything is inside a single app, you can perform any necessary process with ease.

Events are quite important when it comes to promoting and expanding your business. Events deal directly with your customers and are often associated with creating a first impression among new customers. Now, take a moment to think about these above mentioned points. Did you relate with some of them? If you nod your head in agreement then well, it might be a good time to think about upgrading to a better Event Management Platform. Visit EventsMo today and get your own unique event app.