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Five ways events provide better ROI in your business

Establishing and building a concrete online impression on your audience, through various mediums is a basic part of any marketing journey. Though SEO, SMM, and other aspects of digital marketing are used, what now is emerging is actual ‘in-person interaction’. But how do we make our presence personal and yet reach out to a massive crowd while maintaining the similar ROI as that of those aspects of digital marketing? Well, the answer to your curiosity is “Events”. Events in a lot of ways let you interact with the crowd and definitely increase your ROI. Here are 5 ways events provide better ROI in your business. Read more

Top five emerging event trends to look out for in 2018

The priorities of the events industry have been subtly shifting behind the scenes. And every year there’s something different in the spotlight to experience. Technology is playing a major role in the quest to create a personalized and high-impact experience for audiences. Development of new and more advanced technologies have changed the face of all businesses including events trends as well. While the world is using these tools in their fields, you need to be familiar to those to reap their benefits as well. So, here are top 5 emerging event trends to look out for in 2018: Read more

Five useful tips on how to use social media for attendees growth

Social Media is changing the way of the businesses and markets. The growing number of its users has overwhelmed and thus drastically affected the way people interact and do businesses. More than 8 million people use Facebook and more than 3.2 million are twitter users. These numbers are more than enough for marketers to shift their business towards more social media focused approach. Naturally, it has become a competitive space for companies and event planners. So, here are 5 useful tips on how to use social media for attendees growth. Read more

Five must-have features you need to include in your Event App

As the business industry is being digitized, events have started to carry more significance and value to the businesses. And in this process event apps have upgraded the old event practices. Nowadays there’s hardly any business events that don’t incorporate an event app into their events. Undoubtedly, event apps have taken over the business market. Apart from just facilitating an event, event apps today serve as one of the most effective tools for promotion and branding. There’s so much more to an event app than just serving as a mere tool. Incorporating features that fulfil your event agenda can enhance your attendee’s event experience. So, in this article, I present you five must-have features you need to include in your event app. Read more

Five Ways Event Apps Provide More Values For Your Events.

One of the proven key factor in making events more engaging, interactive and fun are Event Apps. It helps attendees feel more attached and connected to the event. Event apps help event planners get provable ROI out of their event. Event apps facilitate services like networking, marketing, and engagement and thus increase the potential of your event. Here are 5 ways event apps provide more values for your events.

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Five points you need to consider before getting an event app

Offering an event app to your attendees can greatly leverage your event performance. Event apps provide a unique opportunity to provide attendees an interactive alternative to the program book. It helps sponsors to connect with attendees in a more direct way. Finding an ideal event app for your next event can be a great challenge, even for seasoned event planners. Deciding to get an event app can be an investment with many considerations such as cost, benefits, and effectiveness. So, to solve your queries, here are 5 points you should consider before getting an event app. Read more

Five ways to measure the success of your events

So, you’ve just finished an event. Your attendees were happy, your sponsors were satisfied and your overall event was a huge success. Or is it? Well, how did you know if your event was successful or not? It’s not the number of tickets you sell, but the attendees you satisfy that determines your event success. It’s just one of the barometers to evaluate the success of your event. You need to have some way of gauging the success of your event to make the next one even better. Here are 5 ways to measure the success of your events.

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Five Steps to find the right audience for your event

The people who will be most receptive to your event’s purpose and message make up the right crowd for that particular event. The ideal audience also depends upon the product or service your event is trying to convey. Getting to the right audience is so vital that even the most experienced organizers don’t dare overlook the fact that the amount of right audience can decide the success or downfall of not only one but also their future events. So, here are 5 steps for you to help you find the right audience for your event.

Hosting an event isn’t about getting just anyone to show up. It’s about getting the best audience possible to come to attend your event. The amount of those best possible audiences that participate in an event is a major factor that determines the success of that event. You will need to follow some steps to find the right audience for your event. Read more

How NEXT Growth Conclave Informed, Engaged and Organized Attendees with EventsMo

NEXT Venture Corp held their Nepal’ largest entrepreneurship, investment and largest startup exhibit dedicated to the growth of entrepreneurs, investment environment, and entrepreneurial ecosystem in December 2017. The event had over 1500 attendees, 25+ global speakers, 50+ startup showcase, 200+ investors and 60+ media. With multiple tracks and sessions, they needed an event app that could keep attendees interested in their event. NEXT Growth Conclave used EventsMo to keep attendees informed, engaged and organized before, during and after the event.

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