Why EventsMo is the best event app provider for you?

Why EventsMo is the best event app provider for you?

From commerce to communication, including event trends, all have started using mobile technologies in their businesses. Mobile technology has become an integral part of the marketing trends. 88% of people searching for a business on a mobile phone will contact that business within 24 hours. And for every eight minutes, users spend on smartphones, seven of those minutes are spent in apps (Smaato). These stats provide enough reasons for you to take your business to the most popular platform.

Events can deliver a memorable experience to all your attendees and sponsors. So, they are a crucial part of your marketing journey. It is already quite difficult to organize a quality event and keeping up with the advancement of newer technologies every year while trying to be ahead of the competitors can prove to be quite troublesome for you and your organization.

So, what’s the solution? The answer is “Event App”. 91% of event planners say that adopting a mobile event app has provided a positive ROI (Global Experience Specialists, 2015).

While all the other aspects of your business are being digitalized, how can your events remain out-touched? (5 reasons you need to use a great event app)  We here at EventsMo provide you with your own event app for your unique event. With EventsMo you can create, customize & launch your Event App today.

Now, you might be wondering, from all the other event app companies out there, why choose us? What makes EventsMo stand out from the rest of the crowd? Here are 5 reasons, why EventsMo provides the best event app for you:


1.  Unique App  for Unique Event

With dozens of available components and extensive design flexibility, you can configure your app to suit your specific needs for individual events. Have an event logo or graphic? We’ll design the app to your branding and colors.

Add in other forms of media such as pictures and videos to spruce up your events. We will create your unique event app with all the requirements and functionalities that you want to incorporate in your event app. We make sure that each app we create for you is unique and brand consistent.


2.  Full Control

update attendees

A web-based configuration and content management system that’s as easy to use as your smartphone. You control all the components and content of your app, so your attendees are always up to date and in the loop.

From sending push notifications to updating sessions, you’ll have all the features in your mobile. You can control and customize the contents that your attendees are receiving. You can create live polls, create QnA and receive live feedback from your attendees, thus control your whole event using the content management system.


3. Service end Support when and where you need it

Happy vendors and sponsors

We will work with your team to put the required resources, identify unique opportunities, and event marketing to the app. From content upload to analytics reporting, platform training to on-site support, we offer a range of services to help you make sure everything goes off without a hitch. We also provide on-site support for your events and thus ensure that nothing goes wrong in your events.


4.  Enterprise-grade security

App and backend comply with the most stringent data privacy and security standards, including malware protection, encryption, and controlled access to content. With EventsMo you are guaranteed to receive Enterprise-grade security.

We secure your events while maintaining scalability and performance. We focus and devote more resources to performance and reliability, thus allowing us to deliver better performance than any other app on the market.


5.  Purpose-build and scalable for large organizations

5 ways events provide better ROI in your business

We built our platform to fit the way your team works, with flexible role-based permissions and an architecture that scales from dozens to thousands of event apps. Our powerful multi-event platform lets you easily create unique mobile apps for every company meeting or event. From an internal C-suite strategy retreat to a massive user conference and everything in between, configure and brand each app the way you want. So get out there and go mobile! No one makes it easier.

Want to know more about event apps? Why not give it a try. At EventsMo we provide you with a free demo of your own awesome event app. Download EventsMo app here.