EventsMo Features

EventsMo brings your event to life in the palm of the hand, delivering an engaging experience that will leave attendees fulfilled, fully connected, and eager to come back for more.

Multi-day Agenda

Save thousands of dollars by switching to a digital event schedule that can be updated on the fly, and ensure that your attendees are always in the right place at the right time.

Personalized schedules

Create a personalized schedule showing only the sessions and activities they want to attend. Sync with personal calendars for even more value.

Activity Feed

Keeping track of event buzz is easy with the Activity Feed. This component gathers the latest posts from attendees, Announcements, and Schedule in one convenient place. Attendees control which content they want to see in their personal feed.

Messaging (In-app chat)

To complement the public Announcements tool, messaging component allows for one-to-one or one-to-many communication of a more private nature. Messaging can be configured as either in-app or email.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are guaranteed to get through to your attendees—even if they don’t have the event app open. Beyond room changes or critical reminders, there’s nothing like receiving a great promotion on your mobile device while attending an event.


Ask your attendees a feedback right after the end of the session or/and at the end of the event when the love/hate is fresh. Measure & Learn from the instant/genuine feedbacks.

Attendee List

Inspire connection through a published attendee list, complete with profile pictures and contact information. App can be configured to hide or reveal whichever details you and your attendees want.


Lets attendees pose questions and share comments from within the event app—whether they’re in the room or across the continent because not everyone wants to use a microphone. Better participation, more interesting sessions, and happier speakers.

Live Polling/Insights

Fully engage attendees in the moment with real-time polling and moderated discussions. Give speakers complete control over audience feedback from within their PowerPoint presentation.

Survey & Quizzes

Gather feedback and conduct research more easily than ever with surveys and quizzes embedded in your event app. Use a range of question types designed specifically for mobile, and take advantage of higher response rates and more reliable data, compared to traditional survey methods.

Maps & Direction

Make getting around your event a breeze with interactive maps that connect attendees to the venue, rooms, booths, or even their assigned seats.

Info Booth

From Wi-Fi access codes to local transportation services, every event has important logistical information that attendees need at their fingertips. Info Booth helps you organize it all clearly and effectively.


Drive session attendance with a searchable list of all your speakers and presenters, complete with detailed profiles and links to their sessions.


Include a searchable exhibitor list complete with logos, descriptions, contact information and links for finding their booths on an interactive floor map. Exhibitor listings can also include downloadable documents such as flyers, brochures, or other types of content.


Give your sponsors extra visibility and share of mind. Position them front and center on your event app in a list that displays their names, logos, and links to profiles, contact info and current promotions. Maximize revenue by dividing your sponsor list into tiers (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze) tied to other event sponsorship opportunities.

Offline Mode

All the contents in the app once downloaded are available for offline use. Instant update the content when you go online next time.

Documents & Videos

Give attendees easy access to key material, such as event collateral, presentations, handouts and more.

Your profile

Let attendees manage their profile details, add a photo, and control how much contact information they want to share publicly.

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