May 21, 2018 Suman Gautam

Five must-have features you need to include in your Event App

As the business industry is being digitized, events have started to carry more significance and value to the businesses. And in this process event apps have upgraded the old event practices. Nowadays there’s hardly any business events that don’t incorporate an event app into their events. Undoubtedly, event apps have taken over the business market. Apart from just facilitating an event, event apps today serve as one of the most effective tools for promotion and branding. There’s so much more to an event app than just serving as a mere tool. Incorporating features that fulfil your event agenda can enhance your attendee’s event experience. So, in this article, I present you five must-have features you need to include in your event app.

1. Enhance Networking


Give your attendees a better communication tool that allows them to communicate at a real time. It can not only stimulate networking but also create engagement in your event.

Give them something like a profile search and in-app messaging will greatly improve communication and enhance networking in your event. Other features can include live polls, Q/A, news feed, trending sessions, popular posts, popular comments etc. to engage attendees into the event.

2. Gamification


Who doesn’t love games? Incorporating games in your event app can largely increase the engagement numbers. Gamification can be used to entice (Call To Actions)CTAs while keeping your attendees interested and excited.

Games like treasure hunt can be used to encourage attendees to direct them to a certain booth or event session. Rewarding attendees that involve in games an trigger competition and elevate attendee experience to another level. Rewards can be some products for free, or trial for certain services, discount vouchers etc. It will also help you promote your sponsors.

3. Personalize Event Experience

Your event app should be capable of personalizing for each individual. Have your event app use its natural functionality in a way that responds to the user’s needs.

Having users to log in using their relevant online profiles on social networks, can be a way of personalizing the app. This way you allow them to directly sync their info, eliminating the need to manually input it. Creating a profile section to receive emails and notification about the event can also personalize your event app.

4. Showcasing Your Content


From videos to podcasts and blog posts to relevant documents, an event app can prove as an ideal vehicle to share your content with your audience. Event apps provide features such as content sharing, popular posts, relevant videos and reach massive viewers even before the timeframe of the event itself.

Sharing content this way provides you with the chance to build relationships and communicate with your audience. It will also help you gain trust and secure a faithful client base.

5. Collect Responses

audience engagement

Collecting responses from your attendees is a great way to learn more about them. The collected responses tell you things like their event experiences and any dissatisfactions.

Real-time polling, surveys and Q&A’s before, during and even after the event is a great way to gather your attendee’s response. gather your attendee’s feedback and improve your event. These are also useful data for you to study before your next event.

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