April 30, 2018 Suman Gautam

Five ways to measure the success of your events

So, you’ve just finished an event. Your attendees were happy, your sponsors were satisfied and your overall event was a huge success. Or is it? Well, how did you know if your event was successful or not? It’s not the number of tickets you sell, but the attendees you satisfy that determines your event success. It’s just one of the barometers to evaluate the success of your event. You need to have some way of gauging the success of your event to make the next one even better. Here are 5 ways to measure the success of your events.

1.Post-Event Surveys


If you want to know more about how your event did, ask your attendees about it. And the simplest way to do this is through a post-event survey. Ask them questions like:

  1. How much were you satisfied with the event?
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this product to your friends?
  3. Are you more or less likely to attend our next event?

These kinds of surveys will help you obtain real and honest feedback from your actual attendees. From the data accumulated, you have more than a general idea of the attendee’s perception. And you can see if your event was relevant to your target attendees and if it performed well or not.

2. Sales Numbers



Event sales are quite important when it comes to the measure of the success of an event. Keep monitoring your sales number in the weeks following your event. Is there a change in the existing figures? What is causing this uptick or fall-off in the sales number? Also, keep track of your customers and the purchases. Are they first-time customers that attended the event, repeat customers or past customers that returned after an absence?

Also, measure the number of signups for your event, subscribes for your newsletters etc. Lastly, also check the number of people who have already reserved their tickets or are showing an interest in your next event.

3. Sponsor Recognition

sponsors recognition

It’s not just the attendees’ level of satisfaction that determines event success but also that of the sponsors as well. Your sponsors are the backbone of your event because they are the ones funding it.

Were they pleased with how the event went? Did they feel like your company held up its end of the bargain? You need to gauge the sponsors’ impression. Setting up a video-conferencing or a sit-down meeting instead of a survey can help you better understand your sponsor’s needs.

Remember, sponsors are hardly a one-time deal; you want to establish a long-term relationship so that they have your back for subsequent events. Always be open and welcome their criticism and note any recommendations on what can be done differently for the next event.

If the sponsor has decided not to move forward with the relationship, then obviously that is not an indicator of an event that went well. Sponsors perceive an event differently than the guests do, so make sure fulfill their expectations.

4. Monitor Social Media Activity

social media

Are your followers more active than usual on your company channel? Do attendees continue to send out posts using the event hashtag? Also, read the posts to know what attendees are saying.

Are the posts full of praise? Were there more than a few common complaints? You need to closely monitor your event’s social feed, where it stands out in the social sites and what audience it has influenced.

Being active on social media in the days leading up to the event creates excitement. It will get your attendees excited and be talking about it on their own social network channels. Follow up your audiences with your hashtags. Keep posting and follow up with special incentives as a ‘thank you’ post on your social walls.

5. Incorporate an Event App

Remember, it’s all about streamlining for yourself and your attendees. Event apps make it easier for staffs and attendees to include their event schedule or agenda in the app. It allows guests to personalize their own schedules and set reminders.

Other than that, you can use an event app to include sponsor banners and promote products/services to all the attendees. With the ability to send surveys and receive comments, you can gauge attendee satisfaction right as the event is in progress.

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Measuring your event success following up each event allows you to have an insight into the actual performance of your event. This can help you set attainable goals and estimations for future events. Thus you will be able to improve your event’s performances and accumulate greater ROI’s and Sponsorships.

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