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How event apps can help events provide more value for Sponsors

Your event app is already making lives easier for both you and your attendees — but there is also a lot of value to be unlocked in event app sponsorship capabilities. Mobile event apps can help events provide more value for Sponsors which is a great factor that can make or break some events.


With the latest mobile technologies, it’s possible to deliver measurable value to any organization sponsoring your event. In fact, 85% of attendees usually download and use an event app when it’s offered, which makes it a great platform for positioning sponsors in a digital environment. Who wouldn’t love having their brand in practically every purse and pocket at your conference?

And with the app’s analytics platform, you can track the value your event offers your sponsors and show them tangible data that they can use to measure their ROI on your event.


Creating an Event App Sponsors will Love

Don’t just assume“assume sponsors’ needs. Ask for their objectives, listen to their demands and requirements. This can differ from sponsor to sponsor.” Start by gathering intel that will help you understand the organization’s goals for sponsoring your event.

Ask them if they want to:

  • Increase brand exposure?
  • Influence the audience to engage with their specific offers?
  • Drive traffic to their web properties?
  • Understand the target audience’s behavior and attitudes?

Once the goals are established, align them with your mobile event app’s features and functionality. Here are a few ways:

1. Brand Exposure

EventsMo Brand Exposure

Mobile event app: Sponsor brand exposure

Help your sponsors shine as attendee’s interact and use the event app. Put their logo on the splash page every attendee sees when they open the app or on banners located throughout it. Offer organizations the chance to sponsor the entire app and highlight their company in a big way (think of all the marketing opportunities you can provide for “The XX Conference App: Sponsored by YY”). Don’t forget to utilize video — like welcome videos — to help connect sponsors with attendees.


2. Uncover New Revenue Streams

EventsMo Uncover New Revenue Streams

Mobile event app: Uncover new revenue streams for sponsors

Not only is adding a game element to your event way more fun, but it can also be used to drive attendees towards your sponsors. Create an app game and assign points for visiting sponsoring vendors’ booths, or web pages. Assign check-ins at vendor speaking sessions and reward anyone that attends them. Push out messages with special offers from sponsors. You’ll be able to report on the exact amount of webpage visits and click-through rates!

Use a mobile event app to give sponsors and exhibitors direct exposure to attendees. Create app-sections specifically designed for sponsors or use promoted posts to put your sponsor’s message at the top of the activity feed. A mobile app provides a new channel for your sponsors to communicate value to attendees and generate additional revenue streams for you!

3. Drive Traffic to Sponsors

event apps can help events provide more value for Sponsors

Mobile event app: Drive traffic to sponsors

Is your sponsor looking to bring your attendees to their website? Help them out by making one of the feature icons in the app a link to their site. Drive attendees to this feature by sending a push notification to them with a special content offer from your sponsor.

Incentivize attendees to visit key exhibitors or sponsors with custom, sponsored virtual badges through the app’s gamification features. Sponsored badges and scavenger hunts drive excitement for attendees and more leads for sponsors.

You can also highlight your sponsor’s thought leadership by including their reports or white papers as part of the content available in the app. Attendees can even email this content to their network, which helps extend your sponsors reach even more.

4. Access Real-time Promotion

event apps can help events provide more value for Sponsors

Mobile event app: Access real-time promotion

A push notification is a powerful, real-time marketing tool for event organizers. It is the most directed, 140-character message a sponsor can send. Segment users by group affiliation or interests to send a targeted message or direct a sponsor’s message to every attendee with the application. Schedule push notifications in advance, so there’s less to do the day of the event.

5. Audience Behavior

event apps can help events provide more value for Sponsors

Mobile event app: Audience behavior

Be it a new product launch or measuring audience interest towards the desired topic, the event app can be a great tool to gather intelligence and analyze “real-time” behaviors. Pushing out surveys and live polls, tracking check-ins (aka attendance) for sessions your sponsors are speaking at, and noting views/downloads of their content provides a wealth of data that can be reported back to sponsors and provide actionable intelligence.

Websites and digital behavior tracking tools have helped marketers around the world carefully track their impact on business and revenue. Similarly, mobile apps provide incredible tools to help event marketers show the measurable value their events are providing to sponsors. Sponsorship packages are no longer measured in assumed views and impressions, but rather on tangible data that can be tracked down to every attendee and justifies every dollar spent on their sponsorship.

P.S If you had not yet considered building a mobile app for your event, it’s not too late. Shoot us an email at [email protected] or visit EventsMo website for a demo.

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