April 8, 2018 Suman Gautam

How NEXT Growth Conclave Informed, Engaged and Organized Attendees with EventsMo

NEXT Venture Corp held their Nepal’ largest entrepreneurship, investment and largest startup exhibit dedicated to the growth of entrepreneurs, investment environment, and entrepreneurial ecosystem in December 2017. The event had over 1500 attendees, 25+ global speakers, 50+ startup showcase, 200+ investors and 60+ media. With multiple tracks and sessions, they needed an event app that could keep attendees interested in their event. NEXT Growth Conclave used EventsMo to keep attendees informed, engaged and organized before, during and after the event.

At this year’s event in Kathmandu, Nepal, NEXT Venture Corp used EventsMo’s event app to communicate with all attendees, provide them with up-to-date information and engage them socially. The app allowed event organizers to make changes on the fly and create personalized schedules for each attendee.

NEXT Growth Conclave used event app extensively to reach out to the attendees and have them successfully informed with real-time updates. The top 4 ways the app provided value to the event were;

1. Convenience

App served up the event-related information, from venue address to personalized schedules; saved attendees precious time. Items attendees looked before an event were:Convenience: NEXT Growth Conclave used EventsMo to keep attendees informed, engaged and organized

Photo Credit: NEXT Venture Corp
  1. Schedules
  2. Sessions/Speakers
  3. Info Documents
  4. Exhibitors (Startup Valley)
  5. Attendees Information

2. Networking

Over 95% of attendees said that their goal was to meet new people.

More than 50% of executives at a networking event only hung out with people they already knew.

Photo Credit: NEXT Venture Corp

Event apps made it for attendees to tailor their networking efforts through in-app communication channels, such as:

  1. Attendees List
  2. Social Networking
  3. In-app messaging
  4. Contact Exchange`
  5. Profile Matching

3. Marketing

77% of marketers use in-person events as part of their content marketing strategies.

67% of marketers think that event marketing is their most effective strategy.

Photo Credit: NEXT Venture Corp

An event app opened up an ‘always-on’ channel for communication with attendees before, during and after the event, with features like:

  1. Social Media Integration
  2. Push Notifications
  3. Activity Feed
  4. Promo Documents

4. Engagement

90% of event professionals see engagement as priority.

Event technology helped event planners and organizations by increasing calculating factors like:

  1. increase in attendance by ~20%
  2. increase in productivity by ~30%n
  3. a decrease in cost by ~30%.
Photo Credit: NEXT Venture Corp

Planners can use the event app as an engagement tool and help boost audience participation with features like:

  1. In-app games
  2. Live Polling
  3. Surveys
  4. Photo Gallery

Event apps have proven to be a key factor in making events more interesting by providing engaging, interactive, and fun experiences for the audience. Event app not only helps engage the audience during the events but also after the events by greeting them with offers and a thank you message. They help you obtain real-time data and response from the audience through survey forms and response quizzes. EventsMo is helping the planner get maximum return on their investment.

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